Lab Rats is an American Teen-Sitcom created by Chris Peterson and Moore Bryan Moore . It aired in late February 2011.


After inadvertently accessing a high tech wall panel that sends him plummeting into a secret underground lab, Leo discovers three teen super-humans – Adam the strong one, Bree the fast one and Chase the smart one. The three, eager to leave their confines, convince Leo to take them along to school, where they try to be normal teens while managing their bionic strengths. Along the way, they help Leo build confidence in himself, and figure out a way to keep their bionic abilities and dangerous missions a secret from the world.


The series was created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore (“That ’70s Show”) who, with Mark Brazill (“That ’70s Show”, “3rd Rock from the Sun”), will serve as executive producers. “Lab Rats” is a production of It’s A Laugh Productions, Inc.


  • Leo (Tyrel Jackson Williams ) discovered Adam, Bree, and Chase in a secret underground lab, and they convince him to take them to school. Leo may get into big trouble for these superhumans.
  • Chase (Billy Unger ) is the youngest lab rat. Chase has super intelligence, super senses and the ablilty to create a force field but his brain is his biggest asset.
  • Adam (Spencer Boldman ) is the oldest lab rat. Adam has super strenght and heat vision but he is also the dumbest lab rat he acts before he thinks.&nbsp