Keenan CahillEdit

I know this is not about Lab Rats. But here is a sweet 15 year old who has a disease called Maroteauz Lamy Syndrome and has dwarfism. He normaly lip syncs Katy Perry songs because I think he doesn't know how to sing. Poor thing, In one video, he acctedentally choked on a cookie and almost died. But he lived. He is sweet, kind, loving, caring. Do not make fun of him when you see him on youtube. PLEASE!!!!!?????!!!!!! he is a lovable and funny kid!!!!! He is also cute too!!!!!!!!!! :) :3 I love Keenan Cahill, he has over 100 million veiws on his channel!!!!!! He has met Katy Perry, 50 Cent. LMFAO, Jennifer Aniston, and more!!!!!!!! He is famous. Please, he is happy because he is meeting stars and famous people and all the veiws on his channel. All he wants is some friends like you. He is so so so so so so so so so so so sweet and lovable and halarious too! Well... Check him out!