Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 5 (possibly)
Resides In The Davenport Home
Professional Information
Education None
Love Interests Edie
Family None
Portrayed by Will Forte
First appearance Crush, Chop, and Burn

Eddy is the smarthouse computer system. He is a recurring character. He is voiced by Will Forte. It is obvious that he doesn't like Tasha, Leo, or the Lab Rats.


Eddy is the obnoxious self-absorbed trouble-making smarthome computer system who, at times, can actually be helpful!


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  • The letters of his name make up his body. The "E" is his body, the two "D"s are his eyes, and the "Y" is his suit.
  • He thinks of Mr. Davenport as his daddy, whereas Mr. Davenport finds it creepy.
  • It is shown in, "Drone Alone" and "Concert in a Can" that Eddy can be seen on a Tablet.
  • As shown in the episode, "Speed Trapped", it was Eddy's 5 year anniversary of being activated, implying that Eddy was actived on February 25th, 2008 .
    • This means that Eddy is possibly 5 years old.