Bree Davenport
Full Name Bree Davenport
Nickname(s) Subject B (Designation)

Bozo, Hairy Mary, Little Miss Flash and Scram, Lover Girl (Chase) Glow Stick, Pixie, Lipstick, Little Miss Lip Flapper, Lady Blah-Blah, Fast-Feet, Squat Mug, Stick Pop, Girl, Droid Baby, Robot Bellhop, Doll, Bounce House, Mary, Stink Monkey, Fungus Pigeon, Robot (Terry Perry) Girlie, Joan, Young Lady (Adam) Handsy (Leo) Supergirl, Shirley (Eddy)

Little Coefficient (Ethan) Little Princess, Missy (Donald Davenport) The Bearded Lady (everyone at school) Señorita Sasquatch (Junior Class) Boy Hips, Bionic She-Man, Slob (Kerry Perry) My Muse (Owen) Teach (Lexi) Cupcake (Marcus Davenport) Princess, Not-a-Boy (Douglas Davenport, Terry Perry) Breezy, Little Momma, Little Lady, Boo, Pretty Lady, Bumble Bree (Bob) Lady Dude (Dr. Ryan) Bionic Bree (Kyle and herself) Old Friend (Oliver and Skylar) Sally Sellout (Skylar) Cocky McBackwards (Tony)

Date of Birth November 22 - December 21 (Sagittarius) 1997 (Age 18)
Occupation Bionic Hero

Mentor (formerly) Elite Force Member Student at Mission Creek High School (formerly) Employee at Tech Town(formerly)

School Mission Creek High School(formerly)
Parents Donald Davenport(uncle/adoptive father)

Douglas Davenport(father/creator) Tasha Davenport (step-aunt/adoptive step-mother) Unknown Mother

Siblings Adam Davenport (brother)

Chase Davenport (broth er) Leo Dooley (adoptive step-brother/step-cousin) Marcus Davenport (andriod brother/deceased) Daniel Davenport (brother)<sister) Kira Davenport (step-half-sister/cousin)

Romances Ethan (ex-boyfriend)

Kaven (former crush) Owen (ex-boyfriend) Andre Ethier (one-sided crush on her side/formerly) Jake Chambers (formerly) Bob (crush on by) Sebastian (ex-crush) Liam (ex-crush/destroyed) Oliver (former crush) Troy West (former crush/deceased) Roman (crush or possibly former crush) Riker (crush or possibly former crush)

First Episode Crush, Chop, & Burn (LR)

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med (MM) The Rise of Five (EF)

Last Episode The Vanishing (LR)

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med (MM) Series Finale (EF)

Portrayed By Kelli Berglund

Calista Loter (Young)